Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Lets talk about Graphic Design

Do you look at things differently if you are interested in Graphic Design? Or do you notice things anyway?

This is one of my favourite designs that I have discovered recently. This is a skincare/make-up leaflet that I received in a parcel. I like how the format is very formal, the text is bold and striking above the products that they are advertising. Their unique branding is stated at the highest level of the leaflet to represent their advertisement. I enjoy the differs uses of text, it showcases which print is more important and gives the gives structure within a three tier format. One of my favourite pieces if the extra detailing on the products, the texture of the products showcased are very detailed, making it more accurate and relatable as it looks real. The colours are great as there is a mixture of variety. The leaflet is simple but effective with its advertisement. Talk about fancy!!

I mean, how cool is this design? Whilst researching about different designers I came across this on a website focused towards Australian designer Rob Morris. This image stood out immensely to me as colours are bold, the design is creative and I love the reflective side of the intricate picture. The design looks like a gymnast baton twiliring however they've used the same structure of that sports and cleverly created a mash up off his designs onto the picture.

 The text is bold and the website is very clear and strutted in a formal manner. The website looks easy to navigate and eye-catching, this makes you want to explore more into his work as the home page illustrates creativity. The reflection element is witty and gives the design more intricate detail. The fact they have used his previous art work and significantly placed them pieces into the actual design itself is extremely smart, the colours are bold, extravagant and eye catching and the piece overall is memorable, which is what you want, as a graphic designer!

When someone says "Graphic Design" what do you think of? Whats the first design that comes into your head? Well, for me it's something that's memorable. Something simple, easy and branded. The Coca Cola advertisement, as soon as i've mentioned it you know exactly what i'm talking about, the can, the bottle and the white on red printing. It's so simple but so effective! If for some strange reason you have no idea what I'm talking about than this is the design..

Oh so simple.... I can even hear the sound of the can being opened! (Yummy!) The logo is tidy and simple but yet again it's very memorable, the two colour ways respond so well to each other and are clear. Here are some more advertisements that I found whilst searching for the picture.

Red & white, it's so simple but genius! I love how they have the bottle being revealed in the middle design, still keeping the simplicity to not over power from the branding but giving a twist of excitement! Each design is unique, different but recognisable. This is why the branding for Coca Cola is very smart, the basics of the design is simple but everyone recognises the logo and corresponds the colours with the branding, genius!

If I said to you, what's the most common advertisement on YouTube what would your answer be? mine would be Trading 212. They must be sending millions on advertisements the amount of times I've clicked 'skip ad' but most recently they've updates their advert and it looks incredible. 

It looks like a fun game on apps, the graphics are amazing. Theres so much going on, it's creative, bold and unique. I get fascinated every time it comes on, there's so many brands incorporated within the advert, the logos are clear and you are engaged from the offset. It's now one of my favourites to look at when i'm on YouTube, I actually take the time to watch it now, I don't click 'skip ad' anymore, so it's improved! The old advertisement was basic, the colours were bland and the overall design was consistent but there wasn't any engagement, this time the update is incredible. They have 100% leveled up! 

This has got to be one of the cleverst adverts I have ever seen, the use of play on pictures is amazing. This is advertisement for 'bad sleep' but IKEA our advertising their products instead of other ways to help, as you can see in the first poster the bottle is referring to a bottle of pills which would be to help with not being able to sleep but the designers have used a pill bottle to showcase their pillows. They have the pillows scattered onto the floor as if they were pills, its genius. I love how the bottle is sideways and the pillows are slowly overlapping one another as well as being filled within the bottle itself. 

The second advertisement is exploring the use of an energy drink to stay awake and control the tired feeling, the spillage of the drink is represented by a bed sheet. Once again illustrating the use playfulness within this advertisement. The energy bottle is clear and bold with its bright colours. The bed sheet is placed coming out of the drink, portraying the contents of the leaking drink however showcasing for bad sleep you need an IKEA bed sheet. The image is powerful and incredibly creative, from a distance you are instantly connected. 

Last but not least the last advertisement poster for IKEA is a night crew, something people usually take to get rid of puffiness from lack of sleep aswell as to reduce wrinkles. The bottle is printed with 'SLEEP' in block capitals with a smaller slogan underneath that reads 'The most natural anti-ageing remedy' a v very clever pun. However instead of this being an ointment inside of the large bottle there is a duvet, advertising comfort for the customer instead of a remedy. I think the playfulness and creativity is iconic and unique. The advertisement is relevant to every customer but the designers have dissolved the usual remedy and used this to their advantage to advertise their products. 

So now you've seen these different variations of designs, will you think differently about graphics? 

- I know I have 


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