Tuesday, 5 May 2020


What have YOU been doing during lockdown?

Since we've been in lockdown for about 6 weeks now (JESUS) I've been trying my hardest to keep myself busy, it's been hard I tell you but keeping active and productive is the key to staying slighty sane!

I get up at 8:50am from Monday-Friday so I can FaceTime my Brother, niece and nephew to do the P.E with Joe Wicks, if you haven't tried it then give it a go because it's definitely not just for children, I feel exhausted after and I know it's worked. It makes me feel good but starting off the day with a bit of exercise, keeps me in a positive frame of mind for the rest of the day and the main reason I do it is to see my niece and nephew every morning! 

This is one of the looks I created whilst filming for my YouTube channel (please go and watch it)

During the rest of the day I try and keep myself busy by giving myself lists of things to do!
So far in Lockdown with Sam I have...
  1. Created a YouTube channel 
  2. Come up with different ideas for the channel 
  3. Taught myself how to edit on FCP
  4. Changed my room around ready for videos (It took me about 4 different attempts to get it right!)
  5. Sort out my blog and post more- GET IN!
  6. Learn a bit of Spanish (slowly getting there)
  7. Completed Harry Potter for the 1820th time
I still want to learn how to edit on Abode After Effects because it's what the Design team at work use and I want to be able to challenge myself with learning a new desktop skill that may help me advance at work- we'll see how that goes today!

Just before the country was put on lockdown my mum and I decided to start the couch to 5k! We downloaded the app and got onto the 2nd round however we stopped because it was limited exercise and we mostly went for walks to break up the days. I did a few more rounds of round 3 I think and it felt a lot harder than round 1 so I'm pretty sure i'll have to go back to round 1 once this is over and hopefully keep it up!

One of the main things that's been keeping me sane is Family Quiz night on Saturdays, I'm the quiz master and coming up with new ideas every Saturday for a full quiz is tricky but fun, it's nice to see all the family together (even if it has been through a screen) Once this is all over I can't wait to see my friends and family and give my niece and nephews the biggest hugs in the world!

Keeping in contact with friends and family is the main thing, FaceTime & Zoom are now my best friends. FaceTime with my Best Friend nearly everyday has became part of the usual routine, we actually managed to play a board game through FaceTime which was such a laugh, I think it was called Pictopia.. if you're a Disney fan then you'll love it! As well as FaceTime with the girls, we've done a couple of quizzes so far and we have a quiz this Sunday which I'm buzzing about and it gives me something to look forward too!


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