Friday, 1 May 2020


So since we are ALL are missing shopping and going outside on a leisurely basis I decided to try and hold off on any 'online shopping ' however it was inevitable that it was going to happen and of course no better than to shop at PLT. So I was having a browse on the  the website for about 5 minutes which later turned into a couple of hours which then turned to £239 later. (I played with Klarna because this girl is not balling).

My shopping bag consisted of Joggers, Gym Wear, Trainers and Accessories. 

I decided to create a fun little time lapse of me trying on different outfits, seeing what looked better and what I could wear when we get out of lockdown. People have always said my style is quite 'unique' I like to think I can be quite trendy but I like to experiment with my clothes and be out there. 
Watch the video to see what you think!


1.  Joggers & Beige zip up Sweatshirt with Chunky Trainers
2. White stripe Jogger, Black Zip up Cardigan with a black Bucket Hat
3. Black Joggers and a Lace netting Bodysuit
4. PLT branded Grey Triangle Bralet, Black Joggers and Chunky Trainers
5. Bright orange Gym top with matching Gym Shorts (Co-Ord)
6. Gym top with White stripe Joggers and Chunky Trainers
7. White stripe Joggers, Chunky Trainers with Grey PLT Bralet and Bucket hat

Do you like the outfits? Let me know 💖


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