Tuesday, 28 April 2020


So I have always wanted to create a Youtube channel for years but have always been too scared to do it. Whenever I practised recording a video in the past the lighting was too bright, I didn't like the background and I didn't know whether I had the right camera or not. But then I thought... everyone has to start somewhere. Like my good friend Lucas said "Jeffree Star didn't start out like he did now"

So about 5 years later and with the passion still strong I decided to face the fear and do it..
I HAVE UPLOADED MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO. That sounds a bit strange that I am actually typing that!

I moved my room around about 12 times before I was happy with the set up, I knew I wanted to film in front of my mirror because for obvious reasons it has the best lightning and its the biggest space in my room. I had a ring light anyway from when I used to take blogging photos but I googled a lot about lighting for YouTube videos and I watched GlambyFlo's Youtube video where she blogged her set up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htkRo2WRwwI (It's a really good vlog, go and watch it) and I saw she used box lights so I researched some more (always good to do) and I purchased two, when they arrived it took me a while to set them up and see what they looked like when recording and it settled the lighting down so there was no glare which is just what I was after!

I decided to film my first video about 'My Everyday Makeup' routine because its relatable and current. My products are all drugstore based which means they are cheap and cheerful which is always helpful when you can be relatable with products, because c'mon we aren't all rich (UNFORTUNATELY).Many products are from Rimmel London and E.L.F which as you know are affordable and easy to buy. I create a very basic, lightweight look which can be used in the summer time as I used less products than normal so it isn't heavy on the skin but still looks refreshing! 
I really enjoyed creating the video and can't wait to create some more! I have quite a few ideas which I'm excited to create. I hope that my first video is received well (fingers crossed) as I am so passionate about it and would love the opportunity to be creative and record some more of my idea

Please click on the link to my channel (https://youtu.be/aWApVAl2Dwc) and leave a comment letting me know what you think & if you like it! 


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