Saturday, 13 February 2016

How To Create Beachy Waves

Crimped Waves

Lottie Inspired Beach Wavy Hair (Inspiration from the Queen Louise Teasdale) #thecraft

I decided to re-create the luscious locks of Lottie Tomlinson, crumpling, spraying and spritzing my hair. A quick & easy look to create a messy inspired natural style. 
5-10 mins max

All you need: A spray bottle (you can always empty liquid into a glass whilst using the bottle then return the liquid back into the bottle after use, that's what I did) Water, Sea Salt, Straighteners, Hair spray.
  1. If your hair is wet, dry roughly when using a hair dryer, if your hair is dry then you can skip the drying stage 
  2. I emptied out a bottle of hair protecting spray and filled with 1/2 warm and cold water with around 2 teaspoons of sea salt.
  3. Brushing through my hair, depending on the thickness I parted my hair into different amounts, some bigger strands and some smaller
  4. Shaking the bottle thoroughly (making sure the lid is securely sealed) I sprayed the sea salt mix onto the strands of hair one by one before twisting the hair strands tightly around.
  5. Using my straighteners I then moved over the strands to heat the twisted hair, sometimes squeezing the straighteners as I moved down or just roughly moving the iron up and down for about 10 seconds or less on each strand
  6. After each parting has been twisted you should have a head full of tightly wrapped strands of hair, you can unplug your straighteners now as you wont need them
  7. Roughly separate the wrapped strands and then spray over the ends of your hair making sure to use a scurnching motion when fisting the hair. I used fair amounts on each sides of my hair to maximize the volume
  8. To keep the hair looking beachy you can back comb strands with your fingers in a messy fashion and then use the ends to scrunch through your palms.
  9. Once your happy with the amount of sea salt water used I then used a bottle of hair spray to keep the wavy strands in place, spraying the hairspray onto my hand (this is more accurate for the beachy effect) then use your palm and fingers to messily run through the ends of the hair using the same scrunching motion.
  10. If you prefer more of a voluminous look and you have long hair I suggest backcombing with your fingers more when and before using hair spray to keep the volume in place.

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