Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumn/Winter 2015 Coats

These are a just a handful of my favourites from the autumn and winter 2015 coats collection ranging from catwalks and designer brands to high street stores. Britain this year has been forecasted to have a brutal 'white winter' meaning fluffy chunky winter coats are a MUST this season. Although they advertise that Britain's going to have a white winter every single year these coats are still a must have no matter what. Big fluffy block coated colour coats can be worn on top of anything and everyone should have at least 1 in their winter wardrobe.

Most of these coats have a fur collar embodied to finish of the block colour material. A lot of these coats range from £80-£200 personally I feel that,that amount for a coat is very steep where as I would roughly spend around £50 for a winter coat that I would continuously wear all throughout Autumn and winter. The best winter coat I have ever purchased was from Primark last year that was around £30 and I have begun wearing it this year as the fur colour is still in trend and fits with every item of clothing I have due to its block colour which is a bold deep pink.

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